Cubic Nomad ‎– Light Errant

Dark. Descent.

Hands down BEST HARDCORE ALBUM OF 2011! In my opinion at least. There are those who might even contest that this doesn’t belong in the Hardcore section. They may be right, but there’s a good amount of distortion in these tracks, and though they may be slow, the drive is still pretty intense in some cases. It’s easy to say this is more Techno influenced really…so lets call it…Hard Industrial Techno maybe?

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Jesus F. Christ - Macabre

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I know I haven’t been blogging lately on here. I’ve been running into some trouble in my personal life, but I should be back online again soon. I miss my therapeutic blogging.

This is my “Thank You” mix for everyone who helped me get to 666 “Likes” on Facebook. The download comes with a txt file, cover image, and the mix in 192kbs mp3 form. More info below.

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Angel - Hoodie Tracks

Industrial Strength Records

This is Angel’s second release on ISR, and it proves to be just as good as the first. Angel, who is a pretty cute Polish gal in my opinion, is a rather new name to me. I only heard her through her  previous release on ISR. I guess I should check out her earlier work. If you love HARD TECHNO you’ll LOVE this.

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The Horrorist - Joyless Pleasure

Things To Come Records

The beautiful new haunting album from indie electronic producer Oliver Chesler, The Horrorist. There is a certain type of music listener that will love this work. If your music collection contains Antony Hegarty, Portishead, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Leonard Cohen, Daniel Johnston and/or the Magnetic Fields Joyless Pleasure is a must have.

The title says it all, and so does the name. Oliver Chesler has been in the game for awhile, and he’s actually one of my top three influences in music all together. He’s one of the first that got me hook on the Hardcore/Gabber shit with his DJ Skinhead alias.


YOU know exactly what I’m talking about! And if you don’t, well I’m sorry, you have an empty life. This is quite different from any of his previous work. As I look down the line, I notice an evolution from his album, “Manic Panic”, to what we have here now. “Manic Panic” was BIG and fucking dancy rave shit. Now what we have is PURE EMOTION.

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